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Tumoral Keloids

Keloid tumor in the neck area.

Most keloid lesions start as a small spot on the skin. Over time, the small lesions grow in size and become bigger.   Some keloid lesions, have a tendency to grow into round lesions and raise above the skin level.  Tumoral keloid lesions grow in size and become larger than 2 centimeters in diameter.  Most large earlobe keloids are by definition "tumoral'.   Treatment of these keloids is often complicated by performing a wrong first treatment procedure.  It is by gut feeling that most surgeons jump into cutting a tumoral keloid.  Surgery for keloids often results in formation of a new keloid.  This is due to the fact that surgeon's scalpel will induce a new skin injury in a patient who is already prone to keloid formation.  Skin injury from surgery will trigger formation of a new keloid.  Jumping into surgical removal of nodular or tumoral keloid is not scientific, and is done based on a gut reaction from surgeons more than being based on scientific facts.

Cryotherapy is safest and most effective method of treating tumoral keloids.  Ear tumoral keloids respond very very to cryotherapy.