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Nodular Keloids

Nodular keloid in elbow area.

Nodular keloids are those keloid lesions that take a round and raised form, and measure 5 millimeters in diameter or more.  Over time, nodular keloid lesions can grow in size and once they measure over 2 centimeters are by definition called tumors.  These cut offs, to call a keloid lesion nodule or tumor, are quite arbitrary and do not have any particular significance.

We do not understand as to why some keloid lesions take a flat shape, or nodular.  What we do know, is that there are many patients whose keloid always maintains a flat shape.   Often, patients may have a mixture of keloid lesions, some nodular, some flat or linear.   Below is an example of a nodular keloid lesion in an African American young male with several nodular keloids.