Massive Keloids:

Massive Keloids

Massive Keloid.  This young patient started with a small keloid under his jaw which was removed surgically.  He underwent several more surgeries, and radiation to his neck, after his last keloid removal surgery.  Both patient and surgeon gave up at this point.

Although keloids are seen among people of every country and every race, massive keloids seem to be unique to Africans and African Americans, and those with dark skin color who have previously undergone surgery, often more than once.  Massive keloids are totally devastating and have a major impact in life style of the person.  They are seen in patients with most severe form of keloid disorder - those who harbor the most severe form of the keloid genetics.

Treating massive keloids is very challenging and requires a long term plan of action and often several rounds of cryotherapy as well as intra-lesional steroids and chemotherapy drugs.

The video below demonstrates a case of massive bilateral earlobe keloids that had formed totally spontaneously and without piercing of the ears. This individual had several surgeries to remove these keloids, and each time the keloids re-grew to become bigger than before. In this patient, the keloid tissue had grown inside the left ear canal, totally blocking the canal and naturally impacting the hearing. Treating physicians at a leading sub-specialty Ear and Nose hospital in New York had simply given up on this gentleman.  Luckily, with patience and perseverance, using cryotherapy as the main mode of treatment, we were able to bring these huge keloids under control.

We were also able to open the left ear canal and restore this gentleman's hearing.

My personal experience with such patients is that neither surgery, nor radiation therapy works in this situation; keloids get much worse after these interventions. These patients need some form of systemic treatment that would control their disease, yet none is available at this time.

Hypertension is quite prevalent among these patients.