Hyper - Inflammatory Keloid

Inflammatory Keloid

There is a subset of flat keloids that are very painful. These keloids are often located in the mid-line of chest.

They are very tender to touch and can ache and hurt all day long. Case discussed here is a 35 year old male who first notice his chest keloid at age of 20.

In the video below, patients explains the history of his keloids. He has had multiple treatments and surgery, yet his keloids have continued to worsen over time and became extremely painful.

Management of Hyper-Inflammatory keloids is quite challenging. Pain control is cornerstone of managing these patients. Our initial approach to this keloid was to treat it with injecting chemotherapy drug directly inside the keloid. Keloid did not respond to the first drug we used. Patient then requested cryotherapy, which did not help either. We then switched to a different chemotherapy drug, to which we saw great response. Resolution of the keloid pain was our first indication of efficacy of the new drug

Below is a comparison image of the keloid at presentation in December 2013 to what it looks like now as of March 2015.

Inflammatory Keloid

We are continuing with the same treatment and will post follow up images as they become available. Hyper-inflammatory chest keloids are very hard to treat and pain control is the most important aspect of managing these patients. Best treatment results are achieved by using intra-lesional chemotherapy.