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Facial Keloid - Asians/Caucasians:

Facial Keloid - Asians/Caucasians has a totally different appearance as opposed to what is seen among African Americans and those with dark skin.   Facial keloids among Asians or Caucasians often develop at a younger age, often in teenagers. Acne is the triggering factor for most these patients.  Most patients also have other keloid lesions elsewhere on their skin.  Some of these patients suffer from mild form of the disorder, and over time develop only few keloid papules, or nodules, on their face as well as their chest, shoulders or upper arms. Some others have more severe form of the disorder and develop numerous skin lesions over time.

Although the genetics of keloid disorder remains unknown, it is quite plausible to hypothesize that the genetics of the disorder is quite variable among different ethnic groups, and always less severe among those with light skin color.

Facial keloid in white skin individual

Papular facial keloids in a young Asian male with minimal disease.

Linear Facial Keloid

Linear and papular facial keloids in a young Asian male.

Nodular keloids, left side of the face

Nodular keloids, left side of the face in a young Asian patient.

Facial Keloid Patch

Merger of facial keloid nodules, right side of the face in the Same patient as shown above. This patient also has other keloid involvement of her chest and both shoulders. Here facial keloid started appearing after laser treatment for acne. Notice merger of keloid papules and formation of a wide keloid plaque.