CryoShape Testimonials

In an effort to shed more light on issues related to CryoShape, I encourage those of you have had CryoShape treatment for keloid to share your stories with us.

Here is the first true story shared with me.

My Cryoshape Experience

I read with every interest Dr Tirgan’s opinion on cryoshape, I couldn’t be more drawn to it because I have had cryoshape procedure. I make bold to say that I agree with Dr Tirgan’s take on the subject.

I am a Medic, thus, I made extensive research for the best treatment for my facial keloids. Different options came up, eventually I opted for cryoshape.

It was a harrowing 5-hour procedure, the pain was unbelievable, and the post procedure bleeding was alarming. I was willing to go through it all just to deal the problem (if you’ve had keloids, you would understand)

I was told to expect continuous improvement, even at 4-6months. I had patience, so I waited. Its past 6 months and I honestly regret the whole experience. The keloid is largely unchanged. However, the most frustrating aspect is that the channels the cryprobe created through the keloids have become persistent foci of recurrent infections.

I have resorted to contact cryotherapy, and the results look encouraging. I will keep at it and hopefully…….fingers crossed.

I’m not sure why the cryoshape thing didn’t work for me. Overall, it was expensive (thousands of dollars), invasive, and rather a traumatic experience.