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Welcome to Dr. Tirgan's keloid sub-specialty medical practice. Dr. Tirgan is a board certified medical oncologist (cancer specialist) who specializes in treatment of Keloid Disorder. Dr. Tirgan's practice is limited only to treatment of keloid. Over the past seven years, Dr. Tirgan has treated close to 900 keloid patients, adults and children, with all types of keloid. This vast clinical experience has allowed him to develop an unparalleled expertise in treating this very difficult skin disorder.

In the above banner you can see examples of the results that he has achieved for some of the most difficult forms of keloid; some that have re-occurred after multiple rounds of surgery, radiation therapy, steroid injections, etc. Keep in mind that achieving these results often takes many months and requires several rounds of medical treatment.

As you will notice in this website, keloid lesions can develop is all parts of the skin and their appearance varies from patient to patient. As a result, not one method of treatment can be employed in treating all keloids.

Please take your time in reviewing the information that is provided here. We are proud to say that over time, this website has become the most comprehensive information resource about keloid disorder.