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Welcome to the, the website of Keloid Treatment Specialist, Dr. Michael Tirgan. Our medical practice is almost exclusively focused on treating patients with all kinds of keloid. This is in total contrast to all other medical practices, whereby keloid is just another condition that the doctors treats. Dr. Tirgan is a board certified medical oncologist (cancer specialist) who has dedicated much of his professional time to keloid research and treatment of patients with this disorder. Indeed, every week, Dr. Tirgan sees between 30-50 patients with all forms of keloids, from children to adults, from patients who only have one small keloid to those who have numerous keloids.

Having treated over eight hundred keloid patients in the past several years, having provided informal consultations to hundreds more from all over the world, Dr. Tirgan is a true expert in treating keloid disorder; and very familiar with the urgent needs of all keloid patients. In the banner above, you see the kind of results that Dr. Tirgan has achieved, without surgery, for some of the most difficult types of keloids, those that have returned after multiple rounds of surgery, radiation and steroid injections.

When you search to find a physician to treat your keloid, you should first do some research. Find out what percent of the physician's practice is dedicated to Keloid and how many keloid patients does the doctor see every week? Does he/she treat all kinds of keloids, or the practice is limited to removing keloid from one part of body, such as Ear Nose Throat physicians, who only treat Ear keloids, and do that with surgical knife. Also, find out what methods of treatment are used by the doctor.

One more thing to know!: This website is also the most comprehensive, encyclopedic keloid information website. We hope that your visit to this website be informative and helpful.

Few facts about Keloid:

Although benign, keloid in many ways mimics cancerous tumors. It not only resist various treatments, but it also commonly reoccurs after primary treatment with surgery and steroid injections. The key to success of Dr. Tirgan in treating keloids is his expertise in treating cancer and applying similar treatment principals and algorhythms in treating keloids.

Treatment of Keloid:

In treating keloids, there are two very basic facts that you have to keep in mind:

1- Surgery quite often results in worsening of the keloids and should not be used in great majority of patients. If you have keloid, the odds are that surgery will make your keloid worse.

2- Radiation Therapy should never be used in treating keloids, or prevention of scars, as this treatment carries a definite risk of causing cancer.

Unfortunately, these two facts are downplayed by numerous treating physicians. We see so many patients who have undergone both therapies and were not properly informed of the risks and benefits of these treatments. In our practice, we have encountered even teenagers who had been treated with Radiation therapy. As most of you already know, keloid is a very hard to treat condition. We obviously lack effective treatments and drugs for this disorder, simply because the medical research community has neglected this disorder.

The key to successful treatment of any keloid is summarized in two words: Patience and Persistence. Treating keloids takes time and requires repeated rounds of treatment. Therefore, achieving results in our practice is truly dependent on commitment from the patients to return for treatment and follow up. This simple message is the common thread among almost all of the Case Studies that are posted here. If you choose to become a patient with our practice, the first thing you will learn from Dr. Tirgan will be Patience and Persistence.

In treating keloids, Dr. Tirgan utilizes various non-surgical treatment methods such as cryotherapy and drugs that are injected inside the keloid tissue. Not all keloids are the same; even various keloids in the same patient will react and behave differently to the same exact treatment.

Choice of treatment depends on constellation of various factors, among which are: location, shape, size of keloid, response to prior treatments, age of the patient as well as host of other factors, including social circumstances.

We often get requests from patients who live far away from us, asking for assistance or referrals to local doctors. Dr. Tirgan will be happy to work with your local doctor and assist in providing proper care, as long as your local physician is willing to work with Dr. Tirgan. This is incumbent on you to inquire from your local physician, to make sure he/she is willing to follow treatment guidelines from Dr. Tirgan.

Some facts about Keloid

Keloid Disorder often runs in families. African Americans, Asians and Indians are more prone to develop keloids. We still don't know the genetic abnormality that causes this phenomenon. Finding the gene(s) that lead(s) to formation of keloids is subject of one of our current research studies. In 2012, over sixty patients/family members volunteered to participate in this study by providing blood samples for genetic testing and DNA sequencing. Several of these samples have been tested by way of exome sequencing. We are waiting for the preliminary results that will guide us further in the path to find the gene(s) that may be abnormal.

Keloids can form as a result of a variety of injuries to the skin, among which are:

  • Skin burns
  • Acne
  • Chicken Pox
  • Ear Piercing
  • Scratches
  • Surgical Cuts
  • Vaccination Site

Keloid disorder negatively impacts every patient's quality of life. This impact is more often psychological, and of course physical. Patients who have keloids in visible parts of their body may experience stigmatization, which is often more important to them than the physical disease itself. They may feel being excluded from full social acceptance in their immediate network of peers. For many patients, simple activities such as going to gym or wearing a bathing suit to swim is a taboo, as they do not wish anyone to notice their keloids. The list of limitations placed on patients due to this simple benign skin condition is endless. Dr. Tirgan is quite cognizant of all these issues and places even more importance on treating keloids that are visible by others.

So, please take your time and review the information that is provided in this website. Most of our visitors spend hours to read through every page of our website. We are proud to say that is a true information resource for all those who seek to learn more about this disorder. The information provided to you here is the result of hundreds of hours of tireless work and efforts of Dr. Tirgan himself to make this website to be the leading resource and a dynamic encyclopedia of keloid.

Authored by Dr. Michael H. Tirgan, MD