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Welcome to Dr. Tirgan's medical practice website. Dr. Tirgan is a board certified medical oncologist (cancer specialist) who specializes in treatment of Keloid Disorder. Over the past six years, Dr. Tirgan has treated more than 800 keloid patients, adults and children, with all types of keloid. This vast clinical experience has allowed him to develop an unparalleled expertise in treating this very difficult skin disorder.

In the banner above, you can see examples of the results that he has achieved for some of the most difficult forms of keloid, some that have re-occurred after multiple rounds of surgery, radiation therapy, steroid injections, etc.

In the video below, you can see amazing results that Dr. Tirgan was able to achieve. This patient presented with a very difficult keloid that had totally disfigured her right ear. Dr. Tirgan masterfully removed her keloid, making the helix of her ear look normal again. Achieving this kind of results is simply impossible by any other method used by surgeon. When viewing this video, please pay attention to the disfigurement of her earlobe that was caused by surgery.

Every week, Dr. Tirgan sees tens of patients with all forms of keloid. The key to success of Dr. Tirgan in treating keloids is his unique background and expertise that allows him to utilize treatment strategies that are used in oncology to treat another set of very hard to treat illnesses.

Success in treatment of keloid however is directly tied to "Patience" and "Perseverance". Keloid is a chronic skin disorder. Most patients have had their keloids for number of years, if not decades. Treating keloid therefore takes time and requires numerous rounds of treatment and this calls for developing a treatment plan for each individual who presents for treatment. The treatment plans are often long term, and should be followed to achieve desirable results. The Video below is another example of the kind of results that Dr. Tirgan has achieved, incorporating his treatment methods to remove most difficult types of keloids. In this video, Dr. Tirgan interviews one of his patients who has been under his care for about one year.

As you will notice in this website, Keloid lesions can develop is all parts of the skin, and their appearance varies from patient to patient. As a result, not one method of treatment can be employed in treating all keloids. Although benign, keloid in many ways mimics cancerous tumors. It not only resists various treatments, it also commonly re-occurs after surgery and/or steroid injections. The key to success of Dr. Tirgan is his expertise in treating cancer and applying similar treatment principals in treating Keloid.

Basic Facts about Keloid:

In treating keloid, there are few basic facts that all patients should be aware of. Knowing these facts helps us to devise better treatment plans.

1- Surgery quite often results in worsening of keloid, and should not be offered to great majority of patients. So think twice before you subject yourself to surgery.

2- Radiation Therapy should never be used for treatment or prevention of recurrence of this benign condition. Radiation carries a definite risk of causing cancer. We unfortunately see far too many young individuals who have been exposed to radiation therapy. No surgeon, and no radiation therapy physician would be willing to expose even their pinkies to radiation, but some have no hesitation to refer a teenager or a 19 year old to radiation. Long term risk of radiation does not warrant its use in treatment of keloid.

3- In choosing a physician to treat you keloid, find out what methods of treatment are available at the doctor's office. Where he/she utilizes cryotherapy. What is their experience with chemotherapy and keloids? How many keloid patients does the doctor treat in a given week, or in a month? This information will help you to choose a physician who is more familiar with this condition.

So, please take your time in reviewing the information that is provided here. We are proud to say that over time, our practice website has become the most comprehensive information resource about keloid disorder.