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Letter from a patient's family to Dr. Tirgan

Dear Dr. Tirgan,

We first came to see you in July of 2014 to have our son Sam’s ear treated for a keloid. After all he had been through with that ear I have to say I didn’t share your confidence that it would finally stop growing and even be reduced to almost gone….. really all there is, is a bit of scarring – almost like a burn. Amazing compared to what it was prior to treatment. January 2015 was his third and final treatment which means it has been stable for 2+ years! We are so grateful and see the whole process as an answer to many prayers. We thank you for the service that you have provided to our son! He graduates from Hight School in just a few more months! I will send pictures soon for your records. (of his ear, not graduation)


Karmen, Terry & Sam
(April 2017)

Keloid Treatment Specialist

With cryotherapy alone, we were able to successfully remove this ear keloid. Dr. Tirgan is thankful to the parents for submitting this follow up image as well as their warm card.

Keloid Specialist

Meet Keloid Specialist, Dr. Michael Tirgan

New York has hundreds of dermatologists and plastic surgeons who among everything else, they also treat keloids. But, Dr. Tirgan is the only physician whose medical practice is solely focused on treatment of keloid patients. For the past several years, Dr Tirgan has provided care to close to a thousand keloid patients.

There are so many unanswered questions in Keloid Disorder. Dr. Tirgan believes that patients need to find physicians that they can trust to come up with best answers for them. There are numerous patients whose keloids have gotten worse with surgery and other ineffective treatments. As a leader in clinical keloid research and cryotherapy for keloids, Dr. Tirgan is challenging standard approaches to many types of keloids. He has introduced treatments that not only achieve excellent results, but most importantly, do not cause harm, and do not put patients at risk of worsening of their keloids.

If you suffer from keloid - if your keloids have gotten worse despite treatments or after surgery - or if your doctor cannot think of an effective treatment for you - you need to know that there is hope; and there is someone here who has helped many other keloid sufferers like you.

Why non-surgical methods?

When a healthy person receives some sort of injury to the skin, such as an incision from surgery, or piercing, their skin goes through a rather predictable healing cycle. The skin fuses back together, some scar tissue forms and, through a very complex negative feedback system, the body arrests the healing process once it’s complete.

In a keloid sufferer, the negative feedback loop that informs the body that it’s time to stop the healing process doesn’t function as it should and results in an uninhibited, excessive and prolonged wound healing response; as if the brakes on the wound healing process were malfunctioning. The result is an excessive and perpetual healing response and keloid formation. Now, if we operate on a keloid and cut it out surgically, the same abnormal wound healing mechanisms are triggered, leading to formation of a new, yet much larger keloid. Cryotherapy, on the other hand does not induce a cut in the skin. The underlying tissue remains intact and the wound healing response does not lead to keloid formation.


I started seeing Dr. Tirgan sometime in Nov of 2014. I've tried cryotherapy and chemo drug injection. As Dr. Tirgan says both involve some pain and cryotherapy tends to be messy. But the results are good, the keloid is softer and thinner. Dr. Tirgan doesn't make you feel like there's only a short amount of time to see him and he treats you like a normal person.
Charlotte I
Dr. Tirgan is in a class of his own as a Doctor who is passionate about the care and healing of his patients. Not only is he the leading expert in Keloids, he is always responsive and will go out of his way to attend to his patient's needs. After visiting multiple dermatologists with no results, I will only trust Dr. Tirgan to continue with his proven treatment methods.
Matt R

Understanding Keloid Disorder:

Keloid is a chronic skin disorder, which negatively affects many aspects of patients’ lives. Keloid Disorder can present itself either as a single small spot on the skin or appear as multiple lesions spread across several areas of the body. In some patients, keloid lesions can grow to form a large skin tumor. Keloid has a genetic component, often runs in families, and is most often seen in Africans/African Americans and Asian populations, although it has been reported in individuals from almost all ethnic backgrounds. If someone is predisposed to the condition, a keloid appears only after an injury to the skin, which can happen in myriad ways such as ear piercing, acne, surgery, chicken-pox, etc.

Why to see Dr. Tirgan?

New York has hundreds of dermatologists and plastic surgeons who among everything else, also treat keloid, but Dr. Tirgan is the only physician whose medical practice is solely focused on treatment of keloid patients. He has provided care to close to 1,000 keloid patients, when many others may only see few cases per month. He is a leader in keloid research and cryotherapy for keloids, and author of several publications that focus on treatment of keloid disorder. Dr. Tirgan is the founder of Keloid Research Foundation and a speaker at several national and international conferences on the topic of keloid.

Patients come to see Dr. Tirgan for his expertise in treating keloids and the fact that he understands the toll a disease like keloid can have on a person’s daily life.

2nd International Keloid Symposium

Keloid SpecialistDr. Tirgan is pleased to announce that the 1st International Keloid symposium was held on September 8-9, 2016 at Rockefeller University in New York City. This meeting brought several physicians and scientists from several different countries. We are now working hard on the next meeting which will take place in late 2017.

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Keloid Treatment Secrets

Keloid SpecialistKeloid Treatment Secrets is an easy to read book for anyone who is dealing with keloid disorder. Keloid specialist Dr. Michael H. Tirgan discusses various aspects of this skin condition, and provides the reader with in depth understanding of this condition. The reader will learn about simple treatment choices, how keloids should be treated, and most importantly about the treatments that are harmful and should be avoided. If you are diagnosed with a keloid, or have been dealing with it for a long time, this book will help you to better understand your condition. It also arms you with the knowledge you need to make correct treatment choices.

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Atlans of Ear Keloids By Keloid Specialist, Dr. Michael Tirgan

Atlas of Ear Keloids - Forward

Keloids are an important medical problem which are often under appreciated by the medical community. Dr. Michael Tirgan has spent many years evaluating and treating patients with keloids on different regions of the body. The Atlas of Ear Keloids presents new insights into the natural history of keloids and provides a perspective that many of the standard surgical approaches may actually lead to progression of these tumors on ear. He presents good examples of an alternative treatment with cryotherapy that has convincingly eliminated some of the most troublesome keloids on ear. This book will provide valuable information to patients with keloids on ear and to medical professionals that treat these lesions.

James G. Krueger, M.D., Ph.D.
Laboratory of Investigative Dermatology
The Rockefeller University
New York

Atlas of Ear Keloids is available on


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