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Our medical practice is almost exclusively focused on treating keloid. Dr. Tirgan is a board certified medical oncologist (cancer specialist) who has dedicated much of his professional time to research and treatment of patients with this disorder. In the banner above, you can see some of results that he has achieved in treating some of the most difficult forms of this disorder, those that have returned after multiple rounds of surgery, radiation and steroid injections, etc.

Although benign, keloid in many ways mimics cancerous tumors. It not only resists various treatments, it also commonly re-occurs after surgery and/or steroid injections. The key to success of Dr. Tirgan is his expertise in treating cancer and applying similar treatment principals and algorhythms in treating this condition.

So, please take your time in reviewing the information that is provided here. We are proud to say that over time, our practice website has become an information resource for all those who seek to learn more about this disorder.

Quick Take Home Messages:

In treating this chronic skin condition, there are two very basic facts that all patients should realize:

1- Surgery quite often results in worsening of the skin lesions, and should not be used in great majority of patients. So think twice before you subject yourself to surgery.

2- Radiation Therapy should never be used, for treatment or prevention of recurrence of this benign condition. Radiation carries a definite risk of causing cancer.