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Dr. Tirgan

Most Valuable Doctor (MVD)

Mubarak A. says: With no hesitation Dr. Tirgan is the best, concerned, caring, experienced, motivated… doctor in this field you are yet to meet.I first communicated with him via emails to discuss my keloid situation and it was awesome, he takes his time to address every issue and tells you his opinion which is always the best resort and allows you to make a final decision. He actually is very motivated in the treatment of keloids and addresses every keloid on any part of the body uniquely. He makes you understand that his concern is to eradicate the keloid completely so the skin returns back to normal, and from my experience he is not all about the money like other doctors. Dr. Tirgan is the sixth (6th) doctor I have seen with regards to my facial keloids on both sides of my face at the beard area. I had them surgically removed and they grew back even bigger, I almost lost hope when that happened because the plastic surgeon told me that was the best thing to do and it also cost me a lot of money for each session.Other doctors,plastic surgeons and dermatologists said it cannot be treated so I should just leave it the way it is and others said I should get it surgically removed again and then apply radiation therapy so it does not regrow. It was very hard to accept any one’s word after my keloids started growing again after having been told that was the best option.

I came upon www.keloid212.com after research upon research online. The testimonials from several patients and the various videos and pictures demonstrating the efficacy of cryotherapy gave me a lot of hope which later materialized. To date, I have been to his office for 3 sessions so far and there is a great deal of shrinkage to my keloids. My advice to all who visit and those yet to visit is that we need a great deal of PATIENCE because this skin condition needs medical treatment which takes time.In short, “if it is important to you, you will devote time for it”. Doctors like him are very hard to come by, Dr. Tirgan is indeed a blessing to the world. Unlike other facilities, he treats every single patient all by himself and not an assistant or any other person.Looking at the size of my keloids now I am very confident that we will achieve desirable results. Cryotherapy is amazing!!!

First Visit

Lisa F. says: Well it was a trying time for me as I was going to my Dr.’s appointment i fainted coming off the train, but thank God we made it to the office. After hearing testomonies from a lovely lady name Elizabeth she made me feel even more comfortable before meeting Dr. Tirgan personally. Dr. Tirgan is definately a God sent the neck keloid acted up burning sensation kind of irritable so i only received about 5% of the treatment today. God bless Dr. Tirgan he will be seeing me again next week, as i am traveling from the VI for these treatments.

Dr Tirgan has given me hope!

Varun G. says: I have been to so many doctors regarding my keloid, dr. Tirgan has given me hope. His kindness and unparalleled interest in keloids is simply astonishing!!!! He is the best doctor I have ever had!