Otoplasty Induced Keloids:

Otoplasty Keloid

Otoplasty induced keloid.

Posterior Auricular Keloid

Posterior Auricular Keloid

Otoplasty Induced Keloids, also known as posterior auricular keloids, are keloids that develop behind the ears after otoplasty.  Keloids can occur is almost every part of ear, including behind the ears. Otoplasty is a corrective surgery to re-shape the ears.  Same kind of keloids can develop behind the ears after surgery on the ear to remove part of the ear cartilage to reshape the nose.  In any event, it is the surgery, and wounding of the ear that triggers keloidal wound healing response which results in formation of a keloid.

Treatment of post-otoplasty keloids:

Treating posterior auricular keloids pose a challenge to the patient, as well as the treating physician. The biggest fault in treating these keloids is that the plastic surgeons often proceed with surgical removal of these keloids which almost always results in recurrence of the keloid, yet in a more severe form. We need to keep in mind the fact that it was the very first surgery that resulted in formation of the keloid.

Cryotherapy is by far the best treatment for all posterior auricular keloids. Patients should avoid repeat surgery. Radiation therapy should never be used in treatment of the keloids. Video below depicts the treatment results that Dr. Tirgan has achieved with cryotherapy.