Neck Keloid

Neck Keloid

treating neck keloids

Neck-area keloids are fairly uncommon and seen most often among individuals with black skin. Inflammation and wounding of the skin, either from ingrown hair or shaving blades, are perhaps the leading triggering factors in formation of these keloids in genetically susceptible individuals. Although there are several publications about neck keloids, there is a void in medical literature about natural history or risk factors for development of large, very large and massive keloids in this anatomical region.

Click here to read the recent publication of Dr. Tirgan:  Neck keloids: evaluation of risk factors and recommendation for keloid staging system.

Treatment has to be planned very carefully. General principles of keloid treatment apply to these keloids as well. Surgery quite often results in worsening of these keloids, leading at times to loss of function and mobility of the neck. Radiation therapy should be avoided, as it for sure will cause hypothyroidism, a new disease that the patients have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Radiation can also cause cancer of thyroid and damage to major blood vessels of the neck which may result in premature strokes and host of other long term complications.

Best approach to treating neck keloids is "Non-Surgical treatment" for all neck keloids.