Most insurance companies consider keloid to be a cosmetic problem and as such, they do not provide coverage for much needed treatment.   This is compounded by lack of proper diagnostic as well as treatment codes such as cryotherapy.

The few insurance companies that do provide coverage for medical care of keloid patients, are more than willing to pay for surgery and radiation, two treatments that are actually harmful to patients, yet they do not even recognize cryotherapy as a form of treatment for keloids.

For all these reasons, we have chosen not to participate with insurance plans. However, if you wish, we can provide you with a proper receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.

If your plan allows for “out of network benefits”, we may consider accepting your out of network insurance coverage.  We suggest that you contact your insurance company and make sure that you do have out of network benefits for keloid treatment.  Please inform them that you are seeking treatment from Dr. Tirgan for keloid care.

We will then need to confirm your coverage, get a letter of pre-certification from them before we can provide treatment to you.  If you seek out of network medical care, please contact us by e-mailing