Cost of Keloid Treatment

Dr. Tirgan sees many keloid patients in his practice who have received improper treatment, sometimes over a period of years. It is Dr. Tirgan’s goal to understand the nature of your keloid and develop a unique treatment plan for your particular situation. When creating your treatment plan, Dr. Tirgan’s goals are to bring you the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time. Our fees are based on the level and type of service that is provided to each patient.

Duration of the consultation varies from patient to patient. It depends on the progression of the disorder, prior treatments and current issues that need to be discussed. It also takes into account the number of questions that are raised and need to be addressed by the doctor.

If time permits, Dr. Tirgan provides treatment during the same visit; otherwise, we will schedule you to return for treatment.

Your total cost per visit will have two separate components:

1- Charges for Initial consultation and subsequent visits.

2- Charges for Treatment:

Standard initial visit/consultation: $250

Subsequent follow up visit: $150

Treatment charges are separate and vary depending on the type of procedure and size and number of keloids that are treated. The cost of treatments will be discussed during your consultation. We can also provide you with estimate of your treatment cost if you have one or few keloids. If you are a new patient, please complete the Keloid Consultation Request form and email it with images of your keloid(s) to Information you provide will allow Dr. Tirgan to better assess your condition and provide you with a cost estimate for treatment. Please know that all information submitted through this website is secure and remains confidential.