WIDESPREAD KELOID - Abdominal wall keloid

Abdominal wall keloid

This is a 24 year old female who presented in November 2014 with multiple keloids on her skin. The most severe keloid was on her abdominal wall, extending from lower chest to the pubic area.  She has had several abdominal surgeries for medical reasons. Each surgical wound transformed into a large keloid.

Dr. Tirgan's Treatment approach to this keloid

This patient is clearly prone to develop keloids. Addressing her keloids with our currently available treatments obviously requires years of treatment. This patients, and many others who suffer from widespread keloids need a systemic form of treatment, much like an oral medication, or an intravenous drug.  Unfortunately, there is nothing available at this time for patients with extensive keloid disorder.  and our treatment options are limited to local treatments, thus we need a meticulous treatment plan for patients like this young women that can address particular issues that the keloid process is causing.

At the time of presentation, although this patient had multiple keloids, she stated that this particular keloid on her abdominal wall was causing her most problems. The keloid process had limited her ability to lean back and extend her torso. She felt as if the keloid has resulted in her body, and her chest, to be pulled forward. The keloid had formed two very thick, and dense cord like components on both sides of her abdomen. Two cord like keloids ran almost parallel to each other and extended from pubic area to her chest.  Treatment was then focused on addressing the cord like structures in her keloid, with the goal of loosening them with repeated cyrotherapy, so that we can improve her ability to extend her body.  As of October 2016, we have been able to achieve some control over the process, making the thick bands, thinner.